whats the best way to treat scratches on the labia minora?

i had sex a few days ago without enough lube, and now my inner labia and the opening to my vagina are all raw and scratched. its in close enough area to my urethra that it is extreamly painful when i pee. (its not a uti though) it also hurts if i move or sit in just the wrong way.

does anyone know of any good treatments like topical cream or something that can stop the pain?

im also currently treating a yeast infection, so i need something that wont interfear with that.

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6 Responses to “whats the best way to treat scratches on the labia minora?”

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  1. ms j says:

    contrary to some of the other answers you’ve received stay away from neosporin and petroleum based products, they just trap bacteria and lead to infection. This is gonna sound gross, but Butt Paste (for diaper rash), mixed with a little vagasil should clear up your problem. there’s lidocain in the vagisil that should help with the itch and pain. to help with the pee pee burn, get a big glass of cool water and pour it "down there" while you’re peeing to counteract the burning, wash the area, and reapply the above mentioned ointment. since treatment of yeast infections is intra-vaginal, and the ointment is not, you shouldn’t have any interference

  2. Kelly S says:

    Ouch! You can try Neosporin for healing and to keep the skin from pulling painfully, just don’t put it inside. Other than that, it’s going to take time. I would also suggest that you keep some sort of moist wipes and clean with them after toilet paper to keep the area clean. Make sure you keep some lubricant on hand for next time!

  3. trina24 says:

    I prefer petroleum jelly, it want burn when you pee because the jelly will keep the areas covered. Also it will help to heel up faster. Another thing keep the area as dry as possible because moisture will make it burn. Good Luck!!!

  4. ME says:

    well a good cream that I’ve used on my children’s diaper rashes is zinc oxide

  5. debbs_za says:

    What Trina said was great….Vaseline or petroleum jelly is about the best or a diaper cream…if its good enough for their little tushies lol. Keep clean after using the bathroom wash with warm water i think anything else is just going to burn the areas more. For your thrush why don’t you doush with natural unflavored yogurt….it works wonders and will also sooth and not irritate the scratches. And through all this messy mess lol wear unscented panty liners.

  6. Jan says:

    Use an ointment not a cream. Creams are water soluable and ointments will stay on longer. I am speaking of a topical antibiotic.

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